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Keep your teen AHEAD during online learning!

FREE ​Parent Checklist reveals: 
Proven, powerful steps you can action immediately to
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  • The ingredient almost all students are missing from the Study Success Formula - and why it's more important than ever right now.
  • The reasons even the most dedicated students sometimes struggle with motivation and focus - and how to fix it... immediately.
  • The 'Essays Made Easy' system - to tackle the toughest (and vague-est!) essays with clarity and confidence... and top-scoring results.

About the Author - Katie Jones


Katie has over 15 years of experience as an:​

- Award-winning High School Teacher

- External Exam Marker and Panel Member for Y12 ATAR exam board.

- Advisor for Academic Achievement at NSW and QLD Colleges

- In-demand online Study Coach

- Creator of the internationally acclaimed online 10 Week Grade Transformation Program.

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