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Bigger and better results...

Here's everything you get!...

  • 10 Week Grade Transformation Program
    My most comprehensive training program ever.

    (Value $997)

    BONUS #1
    - ALL ACCESS PASS to the 10WGT!
    Immediate access to the WHOLE program PLUS extra 2 week buffer.


    BONUS #2

    12  weeks membership of the Study Vault and all resources 
    (Value $237)

    BONUS #3
    3 Live Coaching Calls 
    Live group coaching, plus Q&A - and recordings!
    - Your teen gets my personal feedback on any question or task they want to ask me about.

    (Value $360)

    Your investment:  Just $997!
    (Payment plan available)


Just like thousands of parents I've had the chance to work with:


You see your teen working their butt-off...

BUT they often don't get the grades they DESERVE.


What you NEED is someone to help your child reach their BEST EVER grades in the simplest, quickest way POSSIBLE.

Well... that's EXACTLY what I do :)


I'm Katie Price; Award-Winning teacher and Grade Transformation Expert.

"The 10WGT is phenomenal. Not only are [students'] grades transforming, but their confidence is raised by their new ability. Content knowledge flows more easily and they don't get that freeze in exams anymore.
It's fantastic for any student that wants to improve their confidence and their marks at the same time."


Anna Churchill  -  Sydney, NSW

English/History Teacher and Private Tutor

I'm guessing some of this may sound familiar:





That even though you're trying your best, you're not always able to give your teen all the time or expertise they need to complete their homework, assignments and exam prep to their potential.


That your son or daughter could achieve even more with the right help and guidance.


That your teen's struggling, disorganised or feeling a little lost in their school work.


That your son or daughter can perform well in their classroom study or homework, but their exam results do not reflect their ability and/or effort.


Worried about the job, career or further education opportunities that may or may not be open to them in the future.





Them to be self-motivated, independent and confident in their study.


To optimise the time and money already invested in your teen and their education.


Them to feel less stress and more in control of their study.


The best future opportunities for your teen as a result of improved 

academic results.







(Or 10WGT as my 'down-with-the-kids' students like to call it) ;)




In a super-sweet nut shell, it will help your teen:


  • Tackle assignments more efficiently and effectively
    - (say goodbye to those whines of "I don't know where to start")


  • Complete homework smoothly, with no fuss or confusion AND to a high standard


  • Revise for exams using the proven 'Reverse-Engineered Revision' system
    - (no more running out of time to cover all the content, or late-night cramming)


  • Perform at their optimum in the exam hall
    (hello best ever grades - and confidence!)



And this means that:


  • Your teen's grades will SKY-ROCKET 


  • They'll be the calm, confident, self-motivated young adult you want them to be


  • The doors of opportunity open right up for your teen to pursue the University course and/or career of their choice.



"Everything about the program has been so successful. It has been an absolute gift. Our life at home has become so much easier because she's more focused, less stressed.
She's got herself organised, she knows what to do and how to do it.
She always worked really hard and got her C's and B's. But now she knows what it looks like to be an A grade student and she'll have those skills forever.”


Cath Dimmick (mum of Beth Y10)

So, ​what's included?


Instant (12 week) access to the 10WGT  (value $997)


Full 12 weeks access to my flagship 10 Week Grade Transformation Program. 

The result of over a decade of experience in teaching, exam marking, assessment moderation and private tutoring, it's proven to create unbelievable success in students across Australia in Years 9 to 12 and even undergrad uni study.


This premium online program is a comprehensive, clearly structured, proven system and is the ONLY online course teaching this information at this level.



AND bonuses...(OMG the bonuses)!

ALL ACCESS PASS to the 10WGT for 12 weeks (value $199)


Immediate access to the WHOLE program immediately! 
PLUS extra 2 week buffer for recap, review or catch up.



Instant (12 week) membership: Study Vault  (value $237)


12 weeks access to the Study Vault Member Area with direct links to
- exam board past papers,
- task-specific tutorials
- exclusive resources such as:

Quick-reference ‘cheat sheets’, downloadable resources and how-to guides that are 'universally effective' - they can be applied to all subjects and across all topics because they are skill-based rather than content-based, 
e.g. improving writing style or vocabulary, tackling assignments, revision strategies and exam technique.

And much more!


3 Live Q&A and Coaching Calls (value $360)


Your teen's opportunity to work with me directly (and our English Specialist, Gemma), not once, not twice, but three times throughout their enrolment!

They can ask me any Q they like about their study, get me to review a draft with strategic feedback, or get my help on how to start or approach any task.
PLUS! English focus coaching calls with Senior Examiner, wait-listed tutor and 'turns essays into easy' literature extraordinaire - Gemma Toms. 

Your teen can be on the call live to ask via the chat or live conferencing,
or pre-submit and get the recording with my responses if they can't make it live.


All calls are recorded and stored in the GTZ Member Area for recap or review any time over their 12 weeks access!



Your Investment

Just $97 

plus another 10 x weekly $97 payments

one simple payment of




"We chose to get some help for both the boys – Thomas has been a fairly good student but we felt he could do even better and Fred has been struggling a bit to be honest.


Both boys have become much more confident in attempting tasks – particularly Freddie in his writing tasks. 


They've got a different attitude towards work now – they embrace it a lot more than they did before. Freddie’s teacher has definitely seen an improvement and Thomas has certainly upped his game in all of his subjects.


We’ve found it to be a massive benefit. It’s really good value for money and a great way to help our children in all aspects of their education.”


Kirsty Firman (mum of Thomas and Freddie)

What's in each module?


There are 10 modules ("catapults" as I like to call them) each with workbook and weekly actions.
Modules are broken down into short and focused strategy-specific tutorials, that are easy to digest and instantly actionable!

Here's a summary of what we'll cover...



Catapult 1: Focused and Fired Up! 🔥


The barriers that even the smartest people have around success, and how YOU can break through them to pave your way to awesomeness!
Oh, and the two REAL reasons we procrastinate... and how to overcome them!



Catapult 2: Organised, Efficient and Ready for Action ⏱


Why being disorganised slows your progress and limits your achievements. How simple changes will have you achieving more, with less stress.




Catapult 3: Note-Taking Like a Ninja ✍


When note-taking is SO important, why is it never taught? How to record notes that make assignments, revision and essay-writing smooth-sailing.




Catapult 4: Reverse-Engineered Revision Plan 📆


Why subject-based planning is dangerous. Master the proven ‘Reverse-Engineered Revision System’ to ensure you cover everything without running out of time!



Catapult 5: Revision That Actually WORKS 🧠


Most students are using revision strategies that DON’T work! (Eek!).
Discover the ones that DO and start using them NOW.



Catapult 6: Excellent Exam Technique 🌟


Purely and simply, THE most important skill to walk into the exam hall with.

Period. (If we were American) ;)



Catapult 7: Conquering Command Words 🛠


What most students miss when they read any question and how you can find it in EVERY question you ever answer!



Catapult 8: Tackling the Toughest Top Level Tasks 🚀


We deep-dive into analysis and evaluation level extended response exam Qs, essays and assignments!
- Why students rarely score well in these tasks and specific strategies to put yourself in the top few % who DO!


Catapult 9: Essays Made Easy 📝


Avoid the 'topic traps' so many students fall into and instead perfect the system of identifying and planning to respond to the 'focus' of the question or title for smoother, faster and higher quality essay-writing.



Catapult 10: Mastering Mark Schemes 💎


Why mark schemes are your keys to success. How to not only understand them, but actually PREDICT them when you're IN the exam!


My Double-Whammy 

ROCK - SOLID Guarantee



I'm so confident that this program will give your child the improved study habits, skills and strategies that they need, I’m giving you a massive double Rock Solid Guarantee!


1) If after 14 days, you or your child feels the program just isn’t for them, for ANY reason then simply let me know and I’ll give you a full refund with a smile.




2) If they complete the whole program and take all the actions I advise them to and don’t achieve higher grades in their next set of results or report card, I will give you a full refund and we can still be friends.


I know it can be a little daunting taking on something new, so I've taken away all of the risk so that the decision becomes easy for you.
I don’t want there to be any reason for your teen to miss out on this essential training!


So really, it just comes down to this:
If you're happy to leave things as they are (and seeing as you're here in the first place I’m guessing this isn't the case) then go ahead and close this window and forget all about it. 


...BUT if you want to discover what your child is really and truly capable of and you want to give them the opportunity to discover the confidence and joy that comes from amazing and sustainable success with less stress then take action and enrol them now.


Don't just take my word for it !

Here's what parents, students and teachers

have to say...

  • 'It gives me confidence to get into an exam and not just stare at a question thinking OMG!'

    Eliza (Y10) 

  • 'It's making sure she has the best start to her future'

    Angela (mum of Eliza)

  • 'Before - I was stuck, I didn't know what I was doing...
    Now - In my latest English assignment, I got a solid A'

    Josh (Y12) 

  • 'He was the typical boy - could tell you all about a topic, but ask him to write it...'

    Tammy (mum of Josh) 

  • 'I was frustrated with my results, now I'm stoked'

    Jessica (Y11) 

  • 'This gives students 'the golden ticket'.'

    Nicole (mum of Jessica)

  • 'I now spend more time at the start, planning, and it's become a much faster process'

    Tara (Y10)

  • 'Tara's getting better results and spending less it's a win-win for us'

    Kevin and Natasha (parents of Tara)

  • 'You can really see the difference it's making in students' understanding of the questions'

    Annelise Churchill - Teacher

  • 'I'm ranking 1st or 2nd in my classes and getting 90% in exams'

    Chelsea (Y12)

  • 'It's literally worked across EVERY subject!... The best thing is, I don't have to worry anymore'

    Lynda (mum of Chelsea)

  • 'I'm a lot more confident and independent now. I feel like I can just get in and get it done'

    Bethany (Y10)

  • 'She's gone from struggling to get an A, to getting 7 A's'

    Cath (mum of Bethany)



My teen is already so busy, will they be able to fit the 10WGT into their schedule?


I totally get it. As a student, it often feels like there's sooo much to get done and not enough time to do it.


That's precisely why the catapult modules are short and sharp, delivering only practical, actionable strategies, in a 'zero-fluff' kinda way. So your child can complete the 10WGT program by making just 1 hour per week available for them.


The weekly actions are not 'homework' - that's the last thing they want!!

They are practical skills and techniques for them to start applying to their work and observing in their study. They give direction and focus, not lengthy tasks or extra work.



My child already has a tutor. Won’t this just be duplicating what they already do?


High quality private tutors can be very valuable in helping students with homework and subject knowledge.


However, most tutors are able to tutor in only one or two subjects and focus on subject knowledge rather than performance and application.


Many families find the 10WGT is a great option to use instead of or to complement a tutor because:

- it eliminates the hassle of finding a high quality, local private tutor that fits with the academic and scheduling needs of their child.  

  • it raises performance and achievement in all subjects, not just one or two.


The comprehensive, proven system means that your child gains all of the confidence, learning outcomes and household harmony, whilst working to their own schedule, without the appointments, car trips and hourly costs.


Also, some parents find that their child is nervous or anxious sitting with a tutor face-to-face, so an online option provides less pressure, potential embarrassment, or discomfort.



How does the 10WGT compare with a face-to-face tutor?


Of those tutors who are qualified teachers, only a small proportion will have experience in external exam marking and formal assessment moderation.


Therefore, even with a tutor the important skills and strategies for these aspects of students' academic lives are often missing.


Some families might still like to have a weekly appointment of traditional, face-to-face tutoring, perhaps for homework or subject-specific work. But to gain the tools and skills for best possible results the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program has the power to catapult their grades and confidence super-fast and at a time and place that suits them.



Are your online payment systems secure?


All sensitive information submitted on this website is protected by industry standard technology equivalent to that used by banks for online banking transactions. Our secure web pages use an SSL certificate to ensure secure transmission of your information.


We do not store credit card details in any of our systems, online or offline.



Is online teaching really effective?


Here are a few benefits that parents have reported:


Technology –  In many ways it is an advantage, especially for young people who are used to chatting on skype and are not intimidated by new software. Video tutorials can be re-wound and re-watched at any point. 

For assignment tutoring, feedback is all documented to be easily referred to rather than forgotten from an in-person conversation. 


Availability - Location and time are no longer issues. If you’ve ever tried to deal with the restrictions of finding a tutor who is local, proficient in the subject you need help in and can meet according to your schedule, you'll appreciate this! 


Value – Before now this was only available to my private tutoring students whom I worked with one-on-one. But thanks to the internet this can be delivered at a great value price anywhere with internet access.


Convenience - Any student, anywhere with internet access, now gets access to this proven system for achieving ultimate academic success. Add into the mix the convenience of being able to be trained in exam technique or get detailed feedback on an assignment without having to leave the house (or change out of your trackie bottoms!).



I want to enrol more than one teen. Do you offer a sibling discount?


Yes I do!  I LOVE that pro-active parents want all of their children to have the same opportunities in life.  If you would like to activate this offer, simply enrol one of your teens, then email me at to set up the 50% (yes, 50%!) discount and bonuses for your other son/daughter(s) :)




Still got questions?


Wanna talk it through? I'd love to chat with you about whether or not the 10WGT Program is a good fit for your teen. CLICK HERE to schedule a time to speak with me personally.