The 3 Critical Secrets Committed

Parents Need to Know
- so your teen

ACES their new year group in 2021.

(And no, they’re NOT: making a study planner, putting up their hand more in class, or doing extra reading around the subject).

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You will learn:

  • The subtle but critical changes between each year level in Y9 - 12 (and the 3 ways your teen can meet them).

  • The REAL reason students resort to waffle in essays and get the feedback 'Add More Detail' on their homework.
    (And the ONE PROVEN STRATEGY that'll fix this).

  • The Mark Scheme Secrets that get students more marks in exams, essays and assignments - withOUT learning more and more subject knowledge.

  • The exact steps to make THIS the year they get the confidence and success you've always wanted for them.

Tuesday, 2nd Feb 2021, at 7:00 pm AEST

(Please check your time zone!)

With - Katie Jones

International Award-Winning Teacher, Senior Examiner
(and self-confessed exam-geek) ;)

*ACES ~ To do something brilliantly and with success. Commonly used in the 80's (the best decade) ;)
Use in this context: Achieves grades they're truly capable of; does so without stress and overwhelm; gets reward that matches effort; tackles tasks confidently; minimal confusion and procrastination; calmer home; more causes for celebration; better life balance; in control; feeling of success and pride.

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